EDM Wire Cutting Perth

EDM Wire Cutting

Electrical discharge machine wire cutting otherwise known as spark erosion utilises high voltage electrical arcing to remove material from a part. The process is cost effective and accurate.

Our EDM wire cutting machine allows the production of complex parts through the use of computer numerical control. 

We specialise in parts with geometries that include tapers resulting from profiles that differ from the top of the part to the bottom. Due to the nature of electrical discharge machining we can machine materials that would otherwise not be possible such as tool steel and alloys that have already been heat treated.

EDM wire cutting can be used to produce dies, machining tools, guages and punches like those used for blanking operations. It can also be used to cut keyways accurately.

If you're interested in producing a single run part or a full run of parts using EDM wire cutting please contact one of our engineers for additional information on the process and whether it is suitable for your application.

EDM Wire Cutting Capacity

  • Working Volume: 320 mm width x  400 mm depth x 400 mm height

  • Table Size 400 mm by 640 mm

  • Max Taper Angle +-3 degrees/100

  • Resolution: 5 microns (5 x10^-6 meters)


Wire cut EDM machining is limited to conductive materials only as a result of the process. If you are looking to manufacture a part using non-conductive materials please refer to milling, turning or 5 axis and 4 axis machining. 

Some examples of suitable materials:

  • Aluminium

  • Carbon Steel

  • Mild Steel

  • Other conductive non-ferrous alloys

  • Stainless Steel

  • Steel Alloys

  • Tool Steel

If you have any questions about the EDM process, material you would like to use or whether this process is right for your application please contact us.

EDM Wire Cutting Perth
Keyway cut using EDM, Perth