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CNC machining brass fittings

Brass Hydraulic Fittings

July 2018

PG Watson was off to a busy start in 2018. To mark the new year we began by putting our CNC Machines to work to complete a new project for a client ahead of schedule! We completed a large order of several CNC machined brass hydraulic fittings for our client. They were extremely happy with the speed and craftsmanship of finished products and we hope to see them again soon.

Industrial Rope Pulley

January 2018

One of the newest machines to be introduced to the PG Watson arsenal. This industrial rope pulley will allow us to handle a larger variety of projects; while meeting our standard for strict tolerance requirements. With a plethora of upcoming projects, this new pulley will no doubt be put to good use.

Industrial rope pulley CNC machining component
CNC custom SW plate

SW Plates

June 2017

A client approached us with an issue regarding their mineral crystallisation process and required our help to manufacture a variety of specialised custom components to solve their issue. PG Watson was asked to design different variations of SW Plates with varying hole sizes from 0.4mm to 0.8mm that our client required to solve their process issue. We were so happy to hear that they were extremely satisfied with the SW plates we manufactured for them and were very impressed with the quality which meant less maintenance and big savings.

316 End Caps

December 2016

The clients and industries requiring our services never ceases to amaze us! We were very surprised when we were approached by an outdoors and sporting goods company to design and manufacture a fishing lure end cap. The end cap had to match all of their specifications and most importantly be durable. PG Watson was able to provide the drawings, modelling and tools that were needed for the production of several hundred end caps, all within our client's budget. This was all possible due to the efficiency and experience of our business which is reflected in the quality of our items and the price tag! We are always looking to build new relationships with our clients and aim to always deliver the best service that we can.

Fishing lure end cap CNC steel component
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