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3D Printed Prototype

Prototyping Services

Why Choose Us?

PG Watson offers an extensive array of prototyping methods. With over 45 years of industry experience, we have the skills and knowledge for your project.

Depending on the geometry of the parts submitted, an appropriate manufacturing method will need to be selected. 


Our engineers will work closely with you to understand your project and guide you towards methods to suit your needs and budget.

We can produce prototypes out of many materials, and we carry a large selection of materials in stock to reduce delays during manufacturing.


Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services Perth

PG Watson CNC Machining Specialists can provide prototyping services for complex CNC parts. We will find a suitable machining method to suit your project needs based on your specifications.

Our team is made up of product design and manufacturing specialists. We can help you bring a product design to fruition by converting your designs into 3D models using computer-aided design (CAD) software and manufacturing it based on your business needs.

For more information on prototype creation or a free quote, contact us today.

Integrated Computer Aided Design

We work with industry recognised CAD/CAM software to bring your designs to life.


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