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Perth PEEK Machining

What is PEEK?

PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that we recommend because of its ability to be used in temperatures up to 250°C.


PEEK is also known as polyetheretherketone. The main advantages of PEEK are that it is chemically resistant, serviceable in high temperatures, and useful for many applications.


PEEK can be sourced in rod, tube, and sheet form and is machinable to customer specifications.

To speak to one of our Perth engineers, contact us by phone, email, or our contact form. Continue reading to learn more about PEEK.

PEEK Properties

PEEK Advantages and Disadvantages

PEEK has good mechanical properties and strength across a broad temperature range, high impact strength, and excellent chemical resistance.


PEEK’s main advantageous properties are:


  • Continuous service temperature of up to 250°C

  • Good creep and chemical resistance

  • Lack of moisture uptake

  • Good fire resistance and low flammability

  • High dimensional stability

  • Good resistance to wear and abrasion 

  • The ability to minimise thermal expansion and promote effective sealing

  • High electrical insulation properties

  • Very low smoke density

  • High strength, stiffness, and hardness, even when in hot environments

  • Resistance to UV 

What is PEEK Used For?

PEEK Examples and Applications

PEEK’s advantageous properties make it perfect for a variety of applications. 


Common PEEK applications include:


  • Gears

  • Components for pumps

  • Bearings, piston parts and valve seats

  • Seals

  • Compressor plate valves

  • Electrical cable insulation

machinable peek rod
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